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 Rules of the Forum

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PostSubject: Rules of the Forum   Tue Feb 17, 2009 12:04 am

These are the rules of the forum.

1. Insulting members is not allowed.
2. Fighting is not allowed on the Forums. If you are having a disagreement with another member, keep it in your PM boxes.
3. Rude language & cussing are not allowed.
4. This is NOT a roleplaying site. Roleplaying will either result in warnings or instant banning.
5. Spamming & writing in all caps are not allowed.
6. Watch your spelling & grammer. Posts that are unclearly written &/or are not understandable are not allowed.
7. Keep the titles of threads as clear as possible. The title should reflect the content.
8. The email address members use at the site should at all times be a valid email address.
9. No one under the age of 13 is allowed, unless through permission of the Administration.
10. Linking to pornography is not allowed.
11. Read through the "Forum Rules and Information" section & use the sites search before asking questions.
12. Advertising for companies/commercials is not allowed. Links to personal/non-commercial websites are allowed.
13. Do not go into discussion with an administrator or moderator when they discipline you.
14. Administrators can BAN members from the Forum at anytime.
15. These rules apply for all parts of the site, including the Forum, Chat, Member Pages, the irc channel and PM boxes.
16. Backseat Moderating is not allowed.
17. The rules apply to all members.
18. Any threads that mention "Turn me" will only be tolerated once. The thread will then be closed so no other conversation occurs.
19. Polls are to not be used on this forum, even though you can put up a poll, we do not allow them here.
20. There will be no use of changing the font colors, font size, or the font in this forum. You will be given two warnings, one in which the member changes it themselves and the other a mod or admin will change it. This is because different colors attract, and they may not fit with the rest of the site. So please stick to the default color.

These are the rules of the forum, as long as you follow them correctly you will not have a problem. The rules can also change without notice.


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Rules of the Forum
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