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PostSubject: new story   Tue Apr 07, 2009 9:36 am

“Life essence”


My name is Vladimir Skirkofski and I “supposedly” come from a noble family in Russia; I live in a town on an island of the coast of California called Feargoria. I hate it here; it’s always bright and sunny out. I have pale skin, very unusual for Californians, and I have jet black eyes. People say that I have the body of a god, like I have a toned/muscular body and I’ve never work out. I just think that it’s genetic. I’m a sophomore at Steinbeck high school and most of the people at my school stay away from me. I have two friends who are like me in almost every way, Kira Yamato (he’s Japanese) and Karin Hitake (she’s also Japanese). We all have lived together for the past two years, since our mothers died in a plane crash while coming back from a medical trip to Washington DC.

Chapter 1
“The 300 Year Old Nightmare”

I remember it as if it happened yesterday; a beautiful woman in a smooth black silk dress was standing in the middle of a field, the field was covered in two inches of pure white snow. Another person came into frame, a dark figure, and walked towards her. She didn’t move when he cut her dress at the shoulder, it fell to the ground leaving her naked. He didn’t even look at her body! He was staring at her pallid shoulder, at the soft skinned hollow of her collar bone. She didn’t look at him when he started in toward that hollow in her neck. It looked like he was kissing her neck sensually and fiercely and then I saw it. The fear and pain in her eyes, then a red liquid started to fall from her shoulder and down her arm. I realized that it was her blood, that man was drinking her blood?! I tried to yell “run” to her, but nothing came out of my mouth, no noise, nothing! I started to panic, then the dark figure stood up, he turned around. I couldn’t see his face cause he was looking down.
He looked up and he was dripping blood from his mouth, he smiled at me, but he wasn’t looking at me. It was like he was looking through me, like he was staring off into the distance behind me. Then I truly saw it, his face! It was…. ME!! I turned to run, forgetting about the woman who was probably dead from blood loss behind me. I tried to find my way through the darkness. Then he was, there… I was there. He was right in front of me. I didn’t understand how got in front of me so quickly. I was so stunned that I didn’t notice that there were two people standing behind him. Kira! Karin! What were they doing here? I couldn’t find the other me, I lost sight of him. I heard a scream, my eyes focused just in time to see the other me bent over Kira’s neck with his teeth sunk into his neck. I couldn’t move! I tried to run and stop him... but my body wouldn’t move. All I could do was watch as he killed my best friend. I felt so… weak. Then my body regained the ability to move. I ran toward me to get myself killed but then he sunk his already blood drenched teeth into Karin. I started to cry, tears streaming down my face like a river flowing down a mountain. I reached him before he draw to much blood from her. I went to rip him off of her when he was suddenly biting into my neck.
My neck felt on fire, I could feel that he wasn’t drinking my blood. He had already pulled away when I started to fall down. I could feel my energy just pouring out of me with my blood. All I saw now was Karin; she was staring back at me with frightened eyes. As I took another breathe I saw Karin’s life slip into the void.
I woke up screaming! Karin and Kira were by my side looking at me with worried and confused looks on their faces. I touched my neck where he bit me. There were no marks! But the dream felt so real, Kira and Karin dying, getting bit in the neck, my neck on fire. I couldn’t believe that it wasn’t real! My neck still felt on fire! Now I looked at Karin and Kira, they were still looking at me with worry in their eyes. I looked into Kira’s deep brown eyes and I knew that I couldn’t tell him. He would think I’m crazy, that I was a freak! I looked down quickly. I looked over into Karin’s deep blue eyes and I thought I saw compassion and worry for me in her eyes before she blushed and looked the other way. Then I saw the marks he where he had bitten her in my dreams on her neck. It felt like a semi hit me in my chest, as all the air flew out of me everything started to get darker until it went completely black. But not before I saw the look of horror in Karin’s eyes.
When I awoke they were both gone. I tried to sit up, but I couldn’t. I had needles and wires connected to me forcing me to lie down. I looked around the room and realized that I was in the Feargoria county hospital. My eyes widened and I began to panic. The heart rate monitor started to beep faster and faster as my heart rate sped up. I looked out the window into the smooth star covered sky to try to calm myself. I heard the door open but didn’t look in that direction. My mind was racing. But I started to calm down, I heard the heart rate monitor start to slow up. I could feel my heart pump slower and slower until it went back to my normal heart rate.
I took a second look around the room and saw that there was a doctor checking all the monitors, Kira was there, but I couldn’t find Karin. My eyes sped around the room looking frantically for Karin. I looked at Kira with worried eyes, he met my stare and nodded toward the door. I looked over the area around the door, and then I saw her. She was standing inside the room just enough that I could see her beautiful face. I marveled at her beauty. No matter how many times I’ve looked at her, I can’t grasp how beautiful she is! She had silky brown hair with her deep blue eyes highlighting her pallid skin. She was 5’ 6” and skinny, not like those skanky super models that way like 100 pounds and all you can see are their bones. She had the most beautiful build I’ve ever seen! She had the perfect body, perfect face, perfect hair, and perfect teeth. All I could do was blush and stare at her now. She met my gaze and blushed; she turned to start out the door when suddenly my body appeared in front of her. I was more astounded than she was! I didn’t know how I got there; one minute I was in the gurney connected to a bunch of machines, and the next I was standing in front of her. There were no marks left on my arms where all the needles and tubes were. It was like they were never there. I tried to remember what I was thinking a minute ago; but all I could remember was thinking about where I wanted to be… Next to Karin!!! I couldn’t remember how even got out of the bed without tearing my skin off. All I could remember was thinking of Karin and being with her. And now I’m standing in front of her. How did it happen? Did I blank out and run to her? What happened?
I got back into my gurney as if nothing had happened. It looked as if the doctor and Kira didn’t even see me get out of bed. I looked at Karin, her eyes still full of fear and confusion, and gave her a feeble smile trying to lighten the mood between us. She just looked at me with a look I couldn’t read. Then I heard the doctors gasp and I looked over myself and remembered that everything had been pulled off of me. He hurried to put everything back into me, trying to be careful, but he nicked the wrong vein a few times, allowing blood to trickle out of my arm. I caught out of the corner of my eye, Karin flinch towards me every time a new trickle of blood flowed out of me. The look she had every time that happened was almost frightening. The look of bloodlust was in her eyes. And yet at the same time, she looked… angelic. Once I found her gaze I held it, as if I was looking for the answer to why she was staring at my blood. Then I saw the two holes in her neck and remembered my dream. I remembered that we were both bitten in my dream. I had lived and she was on the brink of death. I started to think about it. She looked paler than usual, her body was more toned, and she wasn’t moving at all, she wasn’t breathing. Now that I realized that she wasn’t breathing, I thought back to when I suddenly appeared in front of her, she wasn’t breathing then either! What was happening? Was she becoming a “vampire”? That’s impossible, there’s no such thing as vampires! Then I started to feel energetic, my heart started to beat fast, faster than ever, my eyes rolled back in my head, I couldn’t find my lungs to breathe. I started to hyper ventilate, but I wasn’t bringing in air. I kept gasping for air. I heard Karin “Doctor, What’s happening to him? Doctor… Doctor!!!!” Then he yelled “His heart is beating too fast! I can’t slow it down! He’s going die! Nurse… Nurse… get them out of here, I can’t concentrate with them in…..” that was the last word I heard.
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PostSubject: Re: new story   Tue Apr 07, 2009 8:16 pm

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