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 Common Questions - Psi Vampires

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PostSubject: Common Questions - Psi Vampires   Tue May 05, 2009 3:54 pm

What are Psi vampires?
Psi vampires are vampires that feed on energy rather than blood because they cannot create enough energy to live on the energy they make alone.

What is energy?
This energy comes in different forms, such as sexual, electric, negative, positive, emotional, etc.

What abilities do Psi vampires have exactly?
Now, some vampires have ‘gifts’, and some don’t, but here is a list that some may have:

  1. Ability to form a link with others.
  2. Ability to heal others.
  3. Ability to heal self.
  4. Generally psychic.
  5. Energy manipulation.
  6. Astral projection.
  7. High sensitivity to our surroundings.
  8. Very empathetic.
  9. Ability to physically see auras.
  10. Ability to slow aging process – very rare.

How do Psi vampires feed anyways?
Most feeding is done unconsciously, and/or with no knowledge of others involved.

What happens if they do not feed?
This is different for every vampire, but the only effect that the psi/energy vampire would have from not feeding would be a severe headache/migraine that would suspend regular functioning

Some of this information was taken from some the sites I have visited in the past while. If you wish to add anything to this – you’re welcome to.



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Common Questions - Psi Vampires
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