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 Psi Vampire FAQ's

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PostSubject: Psi Vampire FAQ's   Fri Feb 20, 2009 8:02 pm

So maybe some of you are wondering what a psi vampire is, or what they do. Well your in the right place! Here you can read all about psi vampires, and learn.

So basically we'll start off with:

1. What is the characteristic of a psi vampire? The physical need to take in energy from an outside source in order for your system to functio normally.

2. What are some of the symptoms of psi vampirism? One of the key symptoms is the "draining" effect. Which is the vampire draining another person either physically or emotionally. Most other symptoms are by not feeding or by not feeding properly. These can include: fatique, headaches, depression, irritability, not being able to focus, digestive problems, lowering of the immune system, psychological & neurological disturbances. Also know that these symptoms would not just be normal, but very severe, and that the headaches would be more like a terrible migraine that can stop normal functioning.

3. Can someone be turned a psi vampire? The majority of us are born as the way we are. There are still debates as to whether or not a psi vampire can turn someone, but even if it is possible it would be very hard and rare.

4. Do psi vampires burn in the sunlight? Again, they don't and only do in the fictional book.

5. Can psi vampires eat food? Of course they can, just like any other person. It is only in fictional books, such as Twilight, that they do not eat food.

6. Do you have the ability to absorb energy, does that make you a psi vampire? No, that does not as that is not our main feature.

7. Are you highly empathetic, does that mean that you are a psi vampire? No. Though it is true that some psi vampires have high empathy levels, it is not a big feature.

8. What types of energy do psi vampires feed from? They feed from all different types and not all of them can feed from every type of energy. Some of the energy types that they feed from include: electrical, emotional, sexual, chakra/pranic/life-force, atmospheric, and kinetic.

9. Are psi vampires psychic? Could be, but may not be. It depends on the individual.

10. If you get bitten by a vampire, will you turn? Sorry, but no.

11. What is a willing donor? A willing donor is someone who agrees to allow a vampire to feed from them.

12. Do psi vampires prefer to feed from willing donors or just from any random person? Most prefer having a donor, as it can be easier but some will feed off of random people as having a donor may not work out for the vampire.

13. Can psi vampire kill you? No.

14. Are psi vampires immortal? No, they are just the same as a human. Immortality is fictional, it cannot happen.

Shielding Techniques will be added later.



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Psi Vampire FAQ's
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