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All about Kat

Story/Introduction :
My name is Kat. Im only 17, so i'm kkind of young. I've come to terms with what I thought was happening to me. My friends have always joked about how i'm some sort of a Vampire, and it doesn't worry me now. As I have grown older things are getting more apparent... Im addicted. Im begining to take this very seriously. Im still scared. I feel silly searching the internet for pre-teen wanna-b's that have a larger-than-life obsession for Twilight...i need real help with my questions. I ran across this site, and everyone here seems too share my same intrests and ideas. So i am back, looking, for what im still not totaly shure i want to find. But I have to know...whats wrong with me? I'm not so sure its wrong.
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Selmer, TN for the time being.
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