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PostSubject: Betrayal   Betrayal I_icon_minitimeThu May 07, 2009 4:56 pm

One of my old stories; I hope you don't mind.

Part 1

I lay there in the wet grass gasping for breath. The rain washed away the blood flowing down my stomach. The flow of the blood wouldn’t stop and sooner or latter I was going to run out of blood. The dead body laying next to me still had its eyes open and it was also a complete mess. I had to think of the body as it or I would start to break down hiding myself in my grief for what I had just done. I had to stab the body over and over to make sure it was dead even after it took its last breath.

I started to cough choking on my blood. I had to turn on my side to let it spill out or I would die. How ironic to die choking on my own blood after everything I did to survive. I then started to hear voices calling out to me from a distance. I wonder if I was imagining it because of the blood lost. That’s when I saw blurry figures running my way. The voices started to get louder and the figures clearer I realized that three of them were my brothers; Nicholas, Cane and Robert. My shoulder started to ache so I had to turn to lie on my back again. My eyes flickered to Robert when he went to the dead body. He put his hand over the eyes to close it. His face was expressionless so I couldn’t make out what he was feeling. Cane was screaming at one of the guys in our clan to call the doctor so he could come here.

Nicholas was on his knees beside me; he’s the oldest of the three brothers. I however was the oldest of them all. He picked me up and placed the top half of me on his lap. All I could say over and over again was, “I had to do it. I had to.” Nicholas took of his shirt and pressed it down to my wound but it was too late. He glanced down at my hands; they were covered in dry blood and the rain couldn’t wash it away. “Not my blood,” I whispered. “I had to finish it. He…” My voice started to break and I couldn’t finish what I was going to say. Nicholas turned to Cane,” Give me your water.” When he got the bottle he poured some in my mouth slowly. I cleared my throat, “He betrayed me; betrayed us. I had to do it.” Nicholas ran through my red hair with his hand when he pulled it back it was covered in blood. He looked down at in shock and so did I. It seemed that I had a head injury and he didn’t see it at first because the blood blended in with my hair.

Robert came over then with my sword in his hand it was also covered in blood. He showed it to Cane-who was standing over us- and to Nicholas. They all turned to look at me with their eyes wide in shock. “What did you do,” Robert asked. I just kept repeating,”I had to do it.” Tears started to trail down my cheeks. I was afraid that they would all hate me now. “You had to do what,” Nicholas asked. I did the only thing possible so they could believe that I did this for us. I reached deep inside me to my magic, the magic that came from my mother before she died. “All of you hold each other hand so I can show you what happened.” They looked at each other and the three took each other hand. I reached out to Nicholas and placed my hand on his temple. I then showed them how my lover and our father betrayed us.

Part 2

Only bits and pieces of the vision flew by. I still wasn’t powerful enough to have full control of the power. I was lying down on the couch with my eyes close and my ears open. My lover Christopher was standing on the other side of the table and we were in his lair. Christopher wanted to turn me and take control of my power; he wanted to use me. Right then and there father came bursting into the lair yelling as Christopher. “What are you doing? This wasn’t the plan.”

“No it wasn’t,” Christopher said. “However plans change. I think she would be better use to me alive. I turn her into a vampire and take control of her.” Father had got mad and attacked Christopher with all his power. I opened my eyes and sat up slowly. My sword was lying on the table so I picked it up and headed to the exit while they were distracted. I knew without turning around that father had killed Christopher.

The scene then changed to me running in the woods and father chasing me. And then it changed again to us battling in a field. Father couldn’t use his powers on me because of the power mother gave me right before she died. So he had to battle me the old fashion way, with his sword. While we were stuck blocking each other I asked him,” Why.” He said, “The clan is mine and I won’t let you are your brothers steal it from me. After getting rid of you I was going to kill them one by one.”

“Power,” I said. And then I realized something. “You killed mother didn’t you?” I made him stumble pushing back he then tripped and fell on his back. My sword was at his throat. “Your mother was way to powerful for her own good. I thought killing her would kill the power. But then,” he said through clenched teeth. “Then she passed it on to you right before she died.” I screamed and plunged the sword in his heart. I hadn’t noticed that he had a dagger in his hand and right before I stabbed him he had sat up enough to give me a fatal wound.

I pulled back my power and moved my hand from Nicolas. The other two had fell to their knees and crawled over to me. My hands had started to shake and my body was loosing warmth. Cane was the first to speak, “She’s dying.” Nicholas looked down at me and I saw then that red tears were trailing down his face. I reached up to touch his cheek and I said, “I love you, all of you.” Robert was shaking his head and kept repeating, “No, no, no.” Nicholas bent down to my ears and said,” I won’t loose you. I can’t loose you. Please let me turn you.”

“You don’t understand. If I turn I will become the leader because I will be the most powerful vampire. You all could come to hate me for that.”

“How can we ever hate you? You’re our big sister,” Cane said.

“I lost my one true love, I lost my mother. Please don’t let me loose the last woman in my life,” Nicholas said. I closed my eyes and actually started to feel that I was slipping away. I opened my eyes and nodded though still hesitating.

Nicholas put his lips to my pulse and gave me a gentle kiss. I felt his mouth widen and his fangs scrape my neck. He then plunged his fangs in my neck and drank deeply. I felt a moment of pain and then my body turned numb. When I was on the brink of death he pulled back and made a slash on his wrist. He put his wrist to my mouth and said to me,

”Drink, drink my sweet sister. All will be well.” And I did, I drank until I died and woke up once again a different person. “There now my sweet Syreena. All is well.”

The End
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